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Project PubTrans4All

The project “Public Transportation – Accessibility for All” (PubTrans4All) will develop a prototype vehicle-based boarding assistance system that can be built into new rail vehicles or retrofitted into existing rail vehicles to improve accessibility for all persons. Accessibility for rail vehicles is particularly problematic since rail vehicles have a long service life and many currently inaccessible vehicles will remain in service well into the future.

„PubTrans4All“ will help make existing public transport systems more accessible, improving services for everyone.

The „PubTrans4All“ project’s objective is to develop a standard boarding assistance system that can be used on many different types of rolling stock and infrastructures. The boarding assistance system will not simply be a device, but rather include contributing elements that make it possible to effectively use the device to access rail vehicles. The prototype will be developed by a multi-disciplinary consortium including users, public transport operators, academic researchers and manufacturers.

One main part of the development process will be the screening and the evaluation of all existing entrance assistance units in the railroad sector. The results of evaluation and the entire development process will widely be presented and published.

With permanent information programs, the project shall support raising awareness about the significance of accessibility in public transport. Barrier-free access to means of transportation is decisive in order to provide effective and fair transport systems.„PubTrans4All“ will make its contributions in order to create a fully accessible railroad network for ALL clients.

The project coordination for the „PubTrans4All“ is realized by Rodlauer Consulting– Accessibility Business Consulting. The project has a term of 39 month – starting date of project 09/2009 and end of project 12/2012.

The project „PubTrans4All“ has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 233701.

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