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EU-research project „PubTrans4All“

The „PubTrans4All“project’s objective is to develop a standard boarding assistance system that can be built into new rail vehicles or retrofitted into existing rail vehicles to improve accessibility for all persons.

The multi-disciplinary consortium includes users, public transport operators, academic researchers and manufacturers and pursues three main objectives:

  1. Survey existing practices for the use of vehicle and platform based boarding assistance systems (BAS) and develop best practice recommendations for their design and use
  2. Develop a prototype for a standard BAS that can be retrofitted into all types of existing rail vehicles or installed on all types of platforms
  3. Disseminate information about the project findings and recommendations widely

For equal participation in society, accessibility is an elementary precondition for handicapped or in their mobility reduced persons. Therefore Mr. Rodlauer initiated the project „PubTrans4All“ which has received funding from the European Community´s Seventh Framework Programme.

Mr. Reinhard Rodlauer is managing director of  Rodlauer Consulting. Due to muscle atrophy, Mr. Rodlauer uses an electric wheel-chair himself. Rodlauer Consulting is specialized in consulting enterprises, institutions and organisations regarding all issues of accessibility.

The project coordination and project management for „PubTrans4All“ are realized by Rodlauer Consulting.

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